We've been delighting clients for more than 10 years with our Talent Management Solutions


As a global provider of Nearshore Development solutions, Bhuvi ITS provides talent management services directly to small and medium-sized businesses.


If your business needs access to highly skilled talent, at a low bill rate but without compromising on the quality? Bhuvi ITS Offshore Development Solution is your answer.


Do you have labor shortage in your team and you need skilled workforce in the same country, same time zone from same Cultural Landscape, speaking same language? Look no further, Bhuvi can help you!


Our staff augmentation business solution allows you to meet fluctuating demand while avoiding the pitfalls of over-staffing and on-boarding.

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We are crafting unique IT & Software Ideas

Bhuvi IT Solutions is a US based Talent Management & Managed IT solutions firm providing Global Talent Management & full life-cycle IT services & solutions

We give life to your business dreams. Let’s build software solutions that provide an ultimate digital experience to your clients. Through our specialized Talent Management Service, Nearshore, Offshore, Onshore Development Centres, we can help you to create world class softwares using industry leading tools & technologies.

Bhuvi IT Solutions is a global company focused on Emerging Technology (IT), Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cloud services


Managed IT, Software Solutions for Your Organization.

Application Services

Best in class Application Development & Application Management focused on scalability to boost your work productivity, and efficiency

Application Services

Our web and mobile application development have given solutions for our happy customers in industries like healthcare, manufacturing, travel, automotive, real estate, finance, education, and consumer services.

Cyber Security Solutions & Services

Our Cybersecurity Services Services are structured to control spend & maintain critical priorities across the business.

Cyber Security Solutions & Services

As the digital world grows exponentially, so do digital threats. Hacks happen. Businesses suffer. Your business needs a strong defense team to keep malicious attacks at bay.

Database and Middleware

Our process based database services & support model breaks the traditional constraints of expensive, full time specialized staff model.

Database and Middleware

Bhuvi ITS supports platforms such as GlassFish, WebSphere, JBoss and Apache as well as upcoming platforms including Redshift, Kubernetes, Mesos etc

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We have expert team with different skillsets

Software Development

Cloud Services

Web Development


Customers Reviews


I have had the pleasure of working for Ford Motor Company and growing in my professional career such way that I can only say THANK YOU BHUVI IT SOLUTIONS for making this happened and for helping me in every step and in all ways possible. I would choose Bhuvi IT Team to work with again!


Bhuvi IT staff is always aware of you as a person and as a professional, they give you a hand in any situation, that support gives you the confidence in your work to give your best effort and feel confident that you can make your professional plans, continue learning, innovating in an environment conducive and suitable for it.


Having the opportunity to be part of Bhuvi ITS changed my life not only worklife balance but also to career development has a perfect fit. Their effort to help you for having a perfect match with aspirations and learnings is something you will be grateful for. Everything here has been really supportive of my career goals, comfortably happy to be better as a professional and have great family time.


During 2 years working for Bhuvi, I’ve achieved important goals in my career. Being part of a team for important companies, contributing with my skills and experience in designing solutions. Gaining visibility, which has given me the opportunity to scale and continue evolving as a designer. This experience has been also important for my family, adapting and growing on a better lifestyle. Bhuvi has been key piece in this evolution, adopting me as part of their family and taking care of me all the time.

Jenny Banuelos-Bhuvi
Jenny Banuelos
UX Designer
Oscar Gutierrez-Bhuvi
Oscar Gutierrez
Solution Architect
Cesar Savendra
Cesar Savedra
Drupal Dev - Sony Pictures Entertainment
Benjamin Rios-Bhuvi
Benjamin Rios
UX/UI Designer – Whirlpool