Why Nearshore may be right for your Business?

Between the closeby professionals of onshoring and the fairaway world of offshoring lies the world of nearshoring staffing solutions. Nearshoring functions similar to those who offshore their labour, but is typically much closer than an offshore operation. Nearshore projects typically function in a nearby country, increasing the over-cost efficiency for your client, as well as simpler communication due to similar languages, cultures, and timezones.

Nearshore Development Benefits

  • Having Teams In The Same Time Zone
  • Speaking The Same Language
  • Familiar Cultural Landscape
  • Better Support and Coverage
  • Highly Skilled Resources Who Understand Your Business
  • Competitive Cost Advantage

As a global provider of Nearshore Development solutions, Bhuvi ITS provides talent management services directly to small and medium-sized businesses.

Suppose, Your company is planning an ambitious IT project, but your budget is limited. Your organization is going to need an ongoing IT, BPO, or software development teams. However, where do you turn? To get the best talent for the project, you can consider Bhuvi ITS Nearshore Development services.

I have had the pleasure of working for Ford Motor Company and growing in my professional career such way that I can only say THANK YOU BHUVI IT SOLUTIONS for making this happened and for helping me in every step and in all ways possible. I would choose Bhuvi IT Team to work with again!
Jenny Banuelos-Bhuvi
Jenny Banuelos
UX Designer

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You may visit us, email/ call us through the below contact details. We would love to hear from you.

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