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Our staff augmentation business solution allows you to meet fluctuating demand while avoiding the pitfalls of over-staffing and on-boarding. With services such as additional help desk coverage and strategic planning, Bhuvi IT consultants deliver enterprise IT support, focusing on your business/industry-specific needs. Our consultants offer a deep bench of experience, across a broad range of disciplines and technologies to offer cost effective services for your core business needs. 

They can step in at any stage of hardware and software deployments, upgrades, and migrations, or for large-scale project outsourcing that enhances performance, improves productivity, facilitates access to information, and aligns technology with changing your business processes. Bhuvi IT offers expertise for large, sustained, or specialized projects that require a specific skill set or certified knowledge on a technology or product stack.

We also provide coverage for vacations, short-term absences, seasonal or temporary demand, or long term.

Benefits of Bhuvi Staff Augmentation

  • Cut Costs Without Sacrificing Quality
  • Keeping ahead of the curve
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Access to a larger Talent Pool
  • Sustained Control and Management
  • Operational Efficiency

Given the nature of our work, our consultants are exposed to a multitude of situations and computing environments – and they bring high quality, valuable knowledge to your site. Bhuvi ITs staff augmentation and managed services offers your company diverse approaches, ensures that your best practices stay current, and boosts collaboration through the exchange of technical perspectives. 

Adding Bhuvi ITs’ expertise to your existing IT resources is a powerful combination that extends your IT support staff, and capabilities – as needed, when needed.

During 2 years working for Bhuvi, I've achieved important goals in my career. Being part of a team for important companies, contributing with my skills and experience in designing solutions. Gaining visibility, which has given me the opportunity to scale and continue evolving as a designer. This experience has been also important for my family, adapting and growing on a better lifestyle. Bhuvi has been key piece in this evolution, adopting me as part of their family and taking care of me all the time.
Benjamin Rios-Bhuvi
Benjamin Rios
UX/UI Designer – Whirlpool
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